TU Wien - UniverCity2015

Not only did the year 2015 see Vienna University of Technology celebrate its 200th anniversary, it also saw the completion of comprehensive measures for its modernisation.

The project name “TU UniverCity2015” alludes to the fact that the TU Wien remains in the inner city. The project involved eight faculties, five locations and 24,000 members of staff and students.

A logo grows until it finally becomes an urban silhouette.

We developed a complete and flexible logo-brand system to support the visualisation of this process. Elements from the existing TU logo were used as a basis and were dismantled into their components, coloured, supplemented by a further element, and then recomposed.

The resulting logo grew with project progress until it finally became an urban silhouette.


The logo and the background process are very versatile and form the basis for a holistically acting information system.

Concepts for content, design and technical implementation

Corporate design, logo, business equipment, advertising and design manual

Production of application templates

User interface design

Frontend development

Backend development