TU Wien - Get there quickly


“…cities are becoming more and more complex, local inhabitants may become increasingly irritated. The successful navigation through a continuously changing world of glass, steel and concrete requires guiding sign systems: signposts, plans, signs, boards and monitors help people find their way or discover the required information. The modern communicative design makes use of these resources and simultaneously gives them a distinctive form and identity – whether it is a single information board or a complete corporate design portfolio based on a brand…”.
(Source: Meuser Philipp, Pogade Daniela: Raumzeichen, Architektur und Kommunikations-Design.)

Everyone finds their way quickly at the Vienna University of Technology: A well-though-out, intuitive, and easily understandable guidance system makes it possible. Need to get to the lecture theatre on time, or pay a quick visit to the library? It is a walk in the park thanks to the guidance system at the Vienna University of Technology: designed, implemented and produced by wunderweiss.

Conception of the navigation system
Design of all elements
Production of the signs and maps
Longstanding, permanent support